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    April 2018 Tax Round Up - access to small business CGT concessions tightened

    by Knowledge Shop Editor, on 02/04/18 14:11

    If you have clients accessing the small business CGT concessions, in residential property development, or foreign residents/expats, then you need to watch this update.

    Members can download the full April 2018 Tax Round Up from the member-only website. To see what Knowledge Shop membership offers, call Julie on 1800 800 232 or take a tour online.


    Join Michael Carruthers (Tax Director, Knowledge Shop) and Lisa Armstrong (MD, Knowledge Shop), for just the juicy bits of change for accountants and advisers: 

    • Single Touch Payroll 1 April deadline for all employers
    • Implications of the Bill tightening access to the small business CGT concessions
    • Main residence exemption - Parliamentary committee recommends ‘all or nothing’ measures be maintained, and education campaign for foreign residents, expats to ensure they are aware of their options
    • The impact of the 1 July 2018 GST changes impacting property developers (new residential dwellings or newly subdivided land)


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