Fringe Benefits Tax in Practice
The FBT areas that pose the greatest risk if you get them wrong
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FBT is full of definitions, limitations, and exemptions. This IQ module takes you into common problem areas to help you identify issues before they become problems, correctly apply the FBT laws, and ensure that you protect your clients from risk.


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The FBT in Practice Module is part of the Intermediate I Program of 10 modules specifically designed to manage the training needs of your Intermediate team members across a year.



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This module focuses on identifying when car and other motor vehicle benefits arise, how to deal with entertainment benefits and applying some of the most common FBT exemptions and concessions.

Introduction & Outline (1:01) 

Car fringe benefits (2:51)

  • How to determine if a car has been provided
  • Definitions
  • When benefits other than a car benefit arises
  • Private use and private use issues that arise in practice


Novated leases (2:07)

  • Operation of novated leases
  • Working with novated leases in practice


Valuing car benefits (1:35)

  • Methods of valuing car benefits
  • When the various methods are used


Statutory formula (1:43)

  • Statutory formula and how it applies
  • Statutory formula calculations


Determining base value (0:00)

  • How to calculate base value

  • When the calculations are different

  • What is included and excluded from the calculation

  • Employee contributions

  • Why it’s important to check the detail of the arrangement and what to look for

  • When base value can be reduced

  • How the reduction applies

  • What in included and excluded from the reduction


  • Impact of holding periods


Statutory percentage (02:22)

  • Applying the statutory percentage

  • Pre and post 7:30pm AEST, 10 May 2011

  • Contract periods and when the post 10 May rules apply


Quiz 1 (7:17)

  • Quiz 1 answer explained


Employee contributions (4:17)

  • Treatment of employee contributions

  • Impact on taxable value


Operating cost (5:35)

  • Operating cost calculation

  • Actual operating costs

  • When it varies and why

  • What is included and excluded from actual operating costs

  • Deemed operating costs and when they are recognised

  • Calculating deemed operating costs

  • Deemed depreciation and the calculation

Private usage (2:32)

  • Logbook usage and the stringent requirements

  • Calculating private use

  • When adjustments are required

Logbooks (1:43)

  • Use of logbooks

  • When they are required

  • Use of elections

Nature of travel (3:06)

  • The nature of travel – what the law says
  • General rules
  • Exceptions in detail

Quiz 2 (6:33)

  • Quiz 2 explanation


Vehicles that are not cars (1:56)

  • What happens when a vehicle is not a car

  • The fringe benefit implications and how to manage them

  • Exemptions

  • Calculating taxable value


Exempt motor vehicles (8:33)

  • Working with exempt motor vehicles
  • Warning on ATO activity and what to look out for
  • Exemptions and how they apply
  • Exemption conditions

  • Correctly identifying eligible exempt motor vehicles
  • The steps and requirements
  • How to determine if a vehicle is designed to carry passengers
  • The legal expectations of exempt motor vehicles


PCG 2017/D14 and the safe harbour guidelines (5:27)

  • The safe harbour guidelines for exempt car and residual benefits
  • When the safe harbour applies
  • What is required to qualify for the safe harbour – the conditions in detail


Entertainment (11:33)

  • Types of entertainment and the likely FBT implications
  • Meal entertainment benefits
  • Tax-exempt body entertainment benefit
  • Definitions and how the law applies

  • Common scenarios and examples
  • Issues to be aware of
  • What exemptions apply and when

  • Entertainment exceptions


Valuing meal entertainment (4:20)

  • Calculating the taxable value of meal entertainment

  • Special meal entertainment methods

  • Application of the 50-50 split method

  • Application of the 12-week register method

  • Validity


Quiz 3 (6:46)

  • Quiz 3 explanation

Otherwise deductible rule (9:46)

  • Nature of the otherwise deductible rule
  • Definitions
  • The process where only some of the expenditure would have been immediately deductible


Quiz 4 (5:16)

  • Quiz 4 explanation


Otherwise deductible rule and car expenses (1:55)

  • How the otherwise deductible rule applies to car expenses


Minor benefits (3:52)

  • Minor benefit criteria
  • Why the bigger picture needs to be taken into account


Quiz 5 (7:15)

  • Quiz 5 explanation

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IQ Presenter

Michael Carruthers

Tax Director, Knowledge Shop

Michael Carruthers Director Knowledge Shop

Michael oversees the development of the tax team for Knowledge Shop and Hayes Knight in Sydney and is head of the Hayes Knight group’s national tax committee. 


Michael has a knack for seeing through the complexity and helping practitioners work through highly technical issues with certainty and accuracy. 


He is a member of the advisory panel for the Board of Taxation and was an expert panel member for the Board of Taxation’s review of tax impediments facing small business.


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Michael was the Thought Leader of the Year at the 2016 Accounting Awards


The FBT in Practice Module is part of the Intermediate I Program of 10 modules specifically designed to manage the training needs of your Intermediate team members across a year.




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