The Intermediate I Program is our first program of 10 modules. Four modules are available now with new modules added progressively. The Manager/Partner Program will be added soon followed by programs for graduate, senior level team members.

Intermediate I Program Available Now!

The training for your Intermediate level team members across a year sorted in one simple step.



Structure team training across a year for specific team members, view whether modules have been completed, how long the module took to complete, the quiz scores, delve into the detail of what team members got right and wrong to fine tune knowledge, and see the number of times quiz questions were attempted before getting the right answer. 


The Intermediate I Program includes 10 interactive learning modules of around an hour with quizzes and reference notes.

  • Residency of Individuals
  • Managing Personal Services Income
  • Capital Gains Tax in practice - Calculations, Cost Base, and Working with Events
  • Working with Small Business Entities - Qualifying & Grouping
  • Travel & Motor Vehicle Expenses

FBT in Practice

FBT is full of definitions, limitations, and exemptions. This IQ module takes you well beyond the FBT return basics and will help you identify issues before they become problems, correctly apply the FBT laws, and ensure that you protect your clients from risk.


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Managing Personal Services Income

Developed for accounting teams to explore the PSI rules and highlight those areas where the ATO is finding errors. We also work through the implications and limitations when your clients pass the PSI tests, and the treatment of clients who fail. Plus, we look at the interaction with Part IVA. 


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Residency of Individuals

Determining residency is often a grey area that requires an adviser to make a judgement about the status of their clients at a particular point in time. This IQ module steps you through the process to get it right and the implications to the tax return.


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The Contractor vs Employee Distinction

Help identify arrangements at risk of triggering significant superannuation guarantee liabilities and explores the steps to minimise that risk.


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Division 7A Fundamentals

Division 7A is a challenging topic.


This fundamentals module moves from identification, rectification, the risk areas such as trusts and UPEs, through to the calculations. 


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What is Knowledge Shop IQ?

Knowledge Shop IQ Module

Any where you want, anytime you want.


With Knowledge Shop IQ modules, you're not limited where or when you complete your PD.


There will be a record of when you completed the module, how long it took and the results of any quizzes. 


Once you have accessed your first IQ training module, all other Knowledge Shop IQ modules and webinars you participate in will show on your personal profile.

Allocate, manage and measure team training

How do you know if the training your team are doing is effective? Now you do.


Each Knowledge Shop IQ module gives you the ability to allocate training to your team, set time periods for completion, see whether the training has been completed, and view quiz results.


Your firm can have one or multiple supervisors who can see how their allocated team is progressing.


IQ modules are a practical insight into each topic with quizzes to test knowledge and understanding.


Knowledge Shop IQ Manager View
KSIQ levels

Targeted training at the right level

Knowledge Shop IQ modules are built for very specific levels inside your firm:


  • Level 1 (graduate/refresher) - For those on the learning curve looking to boost their knowledge and skill set without the trial and error. And, for those looking for the fundamentals as a practical refresher.
  • Level 2 (intermediate) - For the ones who need to get the job done right the first time, identify impending issues, and take action to resolve problems.
  • Level 3 (senior) - For those who want technical depth, to deliver timely and meaningful client advice, and ensure their knowledge is at best practice level across all facets of managing a practice.
  • Level 4 (manager/partner) - For the specialist advisers, and those tasked with identifying and setting all those strategic growth targets.