2017 is a watershed year for superannuation in Australia.

Super Reform in Practice Web Series

A pragmatic 4-part series to help you quickly get across the implications of these reforms.


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Super Reform 2017

Contributions: Restrictions, limitations & opportunities
The impact of reform on pension phase superannuation
Transitional CGT relief and its impact
Pre and post 30 June SMSF administration


The reforms originally announced in 2016-17 Federal Budget are now law.  Advisers not only need to be across the reforms but intricately understand the impact on client’s individual scenarios.  And, they need to understand the impact now.


The changes are extensive ranging from the reduction in contribution limits through to the tax applied to some pension types. 


On top of this, advisers need to be across the transitional capital gains tax measures as they may provide a way to avoid detrimental taxation outcomes in the current year but only if the required action is taken now.


Your clients want answers and this series has been designed to ensure that you can provide succinct advice across your client base.


Who should attend?

Anyone working with SMSF clients.

Webinar 1 Friday 24 February | Webinar 2 Friday 3 March | Webinar 3 Friday 10 March | Webinar 4 Friday 24 March

12.00pm - 1:15pm AEDT in  ACT, NSW, TAS & VIC |  11:30am SA | 11:00am QLD | 10:30am NT | 9:00am WA


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This is a series for anyone working with SMSFs who need to get across the superannuation budget reforms and their implications.

Contributions: Restrictions, limitations & opportunities

Completed - an interactive recording of this webinar is available.

Understand how the changes to concessional and non-concessional contributions apply in real life.


Not only are there changes to the amounts that can be contributed to super, new rules come into play determining who can contribute and how some contribution limits can be carried over to another financial year.


We cover:

  • Making the most of the current rules pre 30 June
  • How the 3 year bring forward rules apply to the current financial year and post 1 July 2017
  • How the bring forward rules apply where your client is close to the lifetime balance limits
  • Traps with contribution reserves
  • How the $1.6m contribution balance limit applies in real life cases
  • Carrying forward unused concessional contributions each year
  • The changes to how clients can claim a tax deduction for personal super contributions
  • What you need to know about LCG 2016/D12: The ATO’s Law Companion Guide on contributions.


Transitional CGT relief
and its impact

Completed - an interactive recording of this webinar is available.

How to use the transitional CGT relief measures to minimise detrimental tax outcomes.


With limits on the amount that can be held in the pension phase of super, clients with existing pensions need to review and potentially restructure those pensions. In many cases, assets may need to be sold or moved back to accumulation phase to fall within the new legislated limits.


Transition to retirement pension clients may no longer want to maintain their TTR pension once the earnings exemption on assets supporting these income streams comes into effect on 1 July 2017.


In both of these scenarios, clients need to consider how CGT applies. Consider a client who sells an SMSF asset on 5 July 2017. In many cases there will be CGT to pay.  However, if that same asset is sold a week earlier (pre 1 July 2017) it may be completely tax-free. 


Transitional measures, when applied correctly, may combat this nasty tax outcome.


We cover:

  • What CGT relief is provided and when does it apply
  • Eligibility and access to the transitional measures
  • The essential timeline - what action needs to be taken and when
  • How the election to apply the transitional measures works
  • The different outcomes for segregated and pooled assets
  • What you need to know about LCG 2016/D8: The ATO’s Law Companion Guide on transitional CGT relief


The impact of reform on pension phase superannuation

Completed - an interactive recording of this webinar is available.

How to manage the 1 July 2017 limits to the superannuation pension phase and the removal of tax-free earnings.


Until now, the pension phase of superannuation provided very generous tax and accessible concessions. While these concessions may continue for some clients, there will be others detrimentally affected.


This webinar explores how clients can restructure their financial affairs to get the best possible outcome.


We cover:


  • How reform affects existing pensions
  • How to manage the new “balance transfer cap” regime
  • How reform impacts on complying and defined benefit pensions
  • Transition to retirement pensions – are they still worth it and what are the alternatives that should be considered?
  • The removal of the ability to segregate assets in a SMSF and what this means
  • What you need to know about LCG 2016/D10: The ATO’s Law Companion Guide on certain pensions


Pre and post 30 June
SMSF administration

Completed - an interactive recording of this webinar is available.

How reform impacts on your firm’s internal processes and procedures and what needs to change.


With many of the reforms impacting member and fund account balances from 30 June of the prior year, we explore what your firm needs to be doing now. Without this information, clients are likely to make contribution and pension mistakes.  Don’t fall victim to time pressure.


Record keeping and access to current information from 1 July will be essential.


We cover:

  • Resetting the cost base on certain assets
  • Tracking contributions and record keeping requirements
  • Current year and 30 June valuation issues – when independent asset valuations will be required
  • Maintaining accurate balance transfer cap data
  • Account and member balance information as at 30 June 2017
  • SMSF specific software and real time data – what you need to know and what’s available

So, what do you say?


Garth McNally

Director, Hayes Knight NSW
Garth heads Hayes Knight’s Superannuation Division in Sydney.  He has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in superannuation and leads the superannuation technical support for Hayes Knight and the Knowledge Shop membership.  

Garth is a specialist member of the SMSF Association and is a regular writer and speaker on superannuation issues and strategies.


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