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Unpaid Trust Distributions Webinar
How to manage the tax issues & risks

This webinar guides practitioners through the different options available when dealing with unpaid trust distributions and how to best manage them.


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GST on Sale of A Business Webinar
How to achieve a GST-free transaction

The sale of a business can potentially lead to significant GST liabilities unless the process is managed carefully.


While the GST system contains special provisions that can treat the sale of a business as a GST-free transaction, there are a number of strict conditions that must be met. More >>

Tax & Travel Webinar
Practical protection against the ATO's attack on travel deductions

The tax treatment of travel arrangements can be complicated and the rules difficult to apply in practice. It has also become a higher risk area in recent years as the ATO is concentrating its focus on the deductions claimed for these expenses.  


This webinar works through the common issues that practitioners and businesses encounter. More>>

Year-End Trust
Distributions Webinar
What absolutely needs to be done for trust clients pre 30 June

The ATO has warned clients and practitioners that trust arrangements will be subject to close scrutiny. It is more important than ever to ensure that trust distributions are effective and that you are not placing clients at risk.



Making the most
of depreciation
deductions webinar

The rules that apply specifically to small business taxpayers and the other opportunities within the depreciation and capital works rules for maximising deductions and improving the cash flow position of clients.



Division 7A
Beyond the Basics
Identify & manage
problem areas

The hidden dangers within the Div 7A rules. Opportunities to rectify ongoing problems. And, the practical tips to prevent Division 7A deemed dividends.



Who is a Temporary
Resident Webinar
Accurately classify who is and isn't a temporary resident & work through the tax implications

This webinar steps through the process to correctly classify clients as temporary residents. Then, we work through the tax implications to identify what is available.



Dealing with Inherited Property
How to minimise tax liabilities & maximise the concessions

This webinar shows you how to minimise tax liabilities and maximise the concessions when dealing with property that has been inherited through a deceased estate.


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End of the Road
Web Series
Tax opportunities &
risks when winding up
a company or trust

The key issues that accountants need to identify and manage when working through the process of winding up a company or trust.



2017 SMSF Year-End Planning Essentials
What absolutely needs to be
done for SMSF clients pre 30 June

The essential year end planning issues and what you need to have in place for your clients before the 1 July reforms impact. 



Property Subdivision
How to advise on the
tax treatment of
subdivision projects

Navigating the revenue / capital distinction. Reduce the risk of an ATO challenge. And, managing the tax consequences in practice.



Salary packaging
- what still works?
The tax opportunities & how to structure them effectively

Opportunities that are still available. Maximise after-tax income of employees with minimal impact on employers. And, the steps to ensure packaging is effective.



Practice Performance & Rewards Web Series
The results your firm should expect & the structures to reward results

Two questions often go through the minds of partners and principals:  

How are we performing and what is reasonable to expect? and, How is my compensation structured against market? 


This two part webinar series focuses on these essential issues - performance and how compensation fits into practice performance. More>>

ETPs & Redundancy Payments Webinar
Identify, manage and maximise the tax treatment of employment termination payments

While the ETP rules have been changed to limit the concessional treatment of golden handshakes, there are still a wide range of situations where employees can qualify for tax offsets or tax-free treatment on payments made in relation to the termination of their employment.



Having Difficult Conversations Webinar
Salary conversations
coming up anyone??

Salary reviews and objections, ‘behaviour modification’, managing expectations, delivering criticism, and under performance are just a few difficult conversations we all have to have. This webinar delivers the techniques to make these conversations less confrontational.



Estate Planning
Webinar Series
The core estate
planning issues
- tax, super & advice

The core areas faced by every adviser when dealing with a client's estate – planned and unplanned.  It not only helps manage the essential unplanned estate issues but shows you how to take a proactive approach to estate planning for clients across the tax, super, planning and legal issues.



SMSF Pensions &
Accessing Benefits
How to achieve the best tax outcomes for an SMSF during pension phase

The pension phase of superannuation is one of the most tax effective periods for clients - even after 1 July 2017. How we manage a client's SMSF during pension phase can ensure that this tax effectiveness is maintained.



Tax issues for
start-ups and
fast growth businesses

When does crowdfunding trigger a tax bill? Planning opportunities under the new employee share scheme rules. Ensure your clients don’t miss out on Government incentives.



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