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Insurance Inside an SMSF Webinar
The insurances that are allowed inside an SMSF and how to structure them effectively
SMSFs - Related Parties & In-House Assets
A practical work through of the complex rules and issues
Unpaid Trust Distributions
How to manage the tax issues & risks
Dealing with Inherited Property
How to minimise tax liabilities & maximise the concessions
Not All Valuations Are the Same Web Series
An essential walk through of 3 critical valuation scenarios and how not to get it wrong.
Business Valuations Intermediate Web Series
SME Valuations - how to apply the most current valuation methods & data
Applying the Small Business Restructure Relief
Rollover Rules
The essential guide to applying the rollover rules for small business clients

This session covers the basic conditions that need to be met in order to qualify for tax relief as well as the ATO’s latest guidance on these conditions and the tax implications of applying the rollover.


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Budget 2018
The ‘beyond the headlines’ implications every adviser needs
to know about the 2018-19
Federal Budget

In this special post Budget session, we explore the tax and commercial implications of the Budget announcements, review the details and implications to key client groups, and give you the steps to follow through with clients.



The Right Way to Give
Feedback and Have
Difficult Conversations
(salary & performance conversations coming up anyone??)

This webinar will not only deliver the techniques to make these conversations less confrontational but unveil the techniques that will produce the best possible results.



Business Valuations 101 Web Series
An extraordinary case study driven entry-level webinar series

This two part webinar series takes you from the fundamentals of business valuations to a fully worked valuation that you complete.


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Due Diligence
How to build an effective due diligence work program appropriate to your client's needs

This session explores the types of due diligence work that can be undertaken, look at how to build an effective due diligence work program, and how to make sure that your work is appropriate to the client’s needs.



Auditing SMSFs with Property
The common problem areas & how to get the audit right

This webinar provides a practical approach to mitigating audit risk, identifying problem areas, and interpreting guidelines when the lines start to blur for SMSFs with property.



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TBAR - How to Get it Right Webinar
Ensure you have the event-based reporting process right before 28 October
SMSF Death Benefits
The risks & opportunities when a member of an SMSF dies
Microbusiness Valuations Web Series
How, why & is there an alternative?
ETPs & Redundancy Payments
Identify, manage and maximise the tax treatment of employment termination payments
Managing Foreign Clients & Australian Clients Overseas Web Series
Employment and investment activities
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SMSF Event-based Reporting
Getting it Right
The steps to correctly manage the new event-based reporting regime starting 1 July 2018

New event-based reporting obligations for SMSFs commence 1 July 2018 and will transform the way accountants go about their work.


It's essential for those working with SMSFs to understand how event-based reporting works and to get the processes right. Don't be left behind.



SMSF Year End Planning Essentials
What absolutely must be done for
SMSF clients pre 30 June this year

Make the most of current year strategies and avoid penalties & missed opportunities. 


In preparation for 30 June, this practical webinar covers the essential year end planning issues you need to have in place for your clients.



SMSF Pensions & Accessing
A step-by-step guide to achieving
the best tax outcomes for an
SMSF during pension phase

This webinar outlines the processes to achieve the best possible tax outcomes for an SMSF during pension phase.



Double Tax Agreements
How to approach DTAs and apply them to real life situations
Practice 2018 Web Series
Prepare, focus and position your practice for 2018

The Practice 2018 Series helps you stand back and take a realistic look at your practice. It then provides practical solutions, examples, and tools that will make a positive difference in 2018.



Member-only PD recordings
Quarterly Training: Tax, Super & Practice Management
Want on-demand, online structured training suitable for firms of every size?
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Divorce, Relationship Breakdowns & Tax
Understand the tax issues & avoid the hidden traps
GST on Sale of A Business or Commercial Property
How to achieve a GST-free transaction
CGT & SMEs Web Series
Step by step guide to working through the small business CGT concessions
End of the Road Web Series
The tax opportunities & risks when winding up a company or trust
GST & Property Web Series
A step through of the GST issues for property development projects
Member-only PD recordings
Quarterly Training: Tax, Super & Practice Management
30 June Trust Distributions
What absolutely needs to be done for trust clients before 30 June

This session looks at the steps that should be taken for all trust clients to ensure that clients stay out of trouble, as well as detailing the arrangements that are at the top of the ATO’s hit list this year.



Tax Consolidation Essentials
The key benefits and risks when using the tax consolidation rules

There are a number of advantages of using the tax consolidation system.


This webinar demystifies the tax consolidation regime so you understand the risks and how to get the best tax outcomes for clients.



Division 7A Common Problem Areas
Identify, manage & avoid increased ATO scrutiny

Practitioners and clients continue to have problems when it comes to dealing with Division 7A in the real world. The rules are complex, the concepts are difficult for clients to understand and the tax implications can be horrendous.



Salary Packaging - What
Still Works
The tax opportunities & how to structure them effectively

This session identifies what benefits can be accessed through salary packaging and clarifies how the arrangements should be structured in real life.



Tax & Motor Vehicles
How to apply the right tax treatment & avoid ATO scrutiny

The Tax & Motor Vehicles Webinar shows you how to apply the right tax treatment to the different motor vehicle scenarios currently under close ATO scrutiny - deductions, FBT and ride-sourcing services.



Family Trust Elections
How to maximise opportunities while reducing risks

Family trust elections can be a vital tool in protecting trust losses, company losses and franking credits but can also cause significant tax problems for clients if they are used incorrectly. This webinar will help your clients take advantage of the rules without triggering penalty tax rates under the family trust distribution tax rules. 



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