Oct 2014 Tax Round Up - ATO attack on practice structures

by Knowledge Shop Editor, on 03/10/14 09:00

Why the ATO is coming after lawyers and accountants

Join the Knowledge Shop team as they explore the new guidance from the ATO on practice structures through a company, trust or partnership.  Plus, where are all those Budget announcements up to?  And, a case that proves that 'no' should not always mean 'no' from the ATO.

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Join Michael Carruthers (Director, Hayes Knight), Rae Ni Corraidh (Tax Adviser, Knowledge Shop), and Lisa Armstrong (MD Knowledge Shop) for Knowledge Shop's October 2014 Tax Round Up online as they explore:

  • Professional Practice Structures - The new ATO guidelines assessing the risk of Part IVA on profits from a professional firm carried on through a partnership, trust or company, where the income is not personal services income. We explore the safe harbour tests and what happens when you fail them
  • Where are all those Budget announcements up to? An update of what has changed and changing
  • The tightening of the Thin Capitalisation rules are now law – what’s changed?
  • An Olive Grove business’s win against the ATO on the use of non-commercial losses
  • The contest over the tax treatment of a workers compensation lump sum pay out for a caring wife


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