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July Tax Round Up - Single Touch Payroll concession for directors and family members

by Knowledge Shop Editor, on 01/07/19 08:11

The ATO has exempted closely held payees such as Directors and family members from single touch payroll for 2019-20 but the issue will continue to be a problem.

Plus, the Main Residence Exemption safe harbour when selling inherited property. And, what Mingos v FCT tells us about proving ownership of trust assets.

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Join Michael Carruthers (Tax Director, Knowledge Shop) and Lisa Armstrong (MD, Knowledge Shop), for just the juicy bits of change for accountants and advisers:

  • Single touch payroll and payments to directors and family members – the ATO concession resolves the problem of non arms length payments for now but these payments will be expected to be managed through STP from 1 July 2021. We explore the problems and the expectations.
  • Main residence safe harbour when selling an inherited property – PCG 2019/5 outlines the safeharbour for situations where inherited dwellings are sold more than two years after the date of death of a deceased individual.
  • The main residence exemption case that explores ownership of trust assets – when a beneficiary’s main residence is held in the name of the trust who really is the owner of the asset? And, can the beneficiary claim the main residence exemption?

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