White Paper The New Small Business Company Tax Rate Rules

Small Business Company Tax Rate Rules


The company tax rate rules for the 2017 income year are different to the rules that will apply for the 2018 income year onwards.

The New Small Business Company Tax Rate Rules White Paper explores how to access the reduced company tax rate in 2017 and 2018 onwards, what ‘carrying on a business’ means and, with so many variables, how the maximum franking rate rules work in real life.

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We cover the practical issues and guide you through:

  • The Q&As on the new company tax rate rules from Knowledge Shop’s help desk
  • The 2017 company tax rate rules
  • The 2018 company tax rate rules
  • What does 'carrying on a business' mean and when does it apply now and in future years, and
  • The changes to the franking percentage rules

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Michael Carruthers


Michael Carruthers

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