Divorce, Relationship Breakdowns & Tax Webinar

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The unexpected tax outcomes
Structuring settlements in a tax efficient manner
Making the most of concessions in the tax system

Divorce and broken relationships are a fact of life with one in three first marriages and one in two second marriages ending in divorce. Sooner or later you will need to help clients dealing with a broken marriage or relationship.

For many, the financial and tax impacts of divorce are not considered until well after the event. Providing some proactive advice to your clients in the early stages may help to avoid longer term problems and inefficient taxation outcomes. This webinar will give you a solid understanding of the issues and how to resolve them in the most efficient way.

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What we cover

This session explores the tax issues that may impact on your clients when they are going through divorce or a relationship breakdown. While the tax rules provide some specific concessions that are designed to reduce the tax liabilities that could be triggered in these situations, the rules can be complex and need to be considered carefully.

This practical session covers:

  • CGT issues and when rollover relief is available
  • Applying the main residence exemption following relationship breakdown
  • Dealing with CGT issues when assets are transferred out of companies and trusts
  • Dividends, deemed dividends and franking credits
  • GST implications on the transfer of assets
  • Ongoing issues with family trusts
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Our Presenter

Michael Carruthers

Tax Director, Knowledge Shop

Michael oversees the development of the tax team for Knowledge Shop and Hayes Knight in Sydney and is head of the Hayes Knight group’s national tax committee.

Michael has a knack for seeing through the complexity and helping practitioners work through highly technical issues with certainty and accuracy

Michael is a member of the advisory panel for the Board of Taxation and is a member of the reference group for the Board’s review of small business concessions. He was also an expert panel member for the Board’s review of tax impediments facing small business.

Michael Carruthers
Michael Carruthers
Tax Director, Knowledge Shop



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