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Why Advisers Fail the FASEA Exam


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Advisers are failing the FASEA exam for a few simple reasons

And, for those that have failed once, 54% fail the exam again*.

To continue as a financial adviser, all advisers (limited or otherwise) need to pass the financial adviser exam by 31 December 2021. Between now and the deadline, there are only 5 sitting periods scheduled. If you wait until September or later, you will not have an opportunity to resit if you fail under the current exam schedule because of the 3 month waiting period requirement.

This essential update details works through:

  • The issues for risk advisers, accountants, stockbrokers and all those not working directly as a financial adviser.
  • The essential exam prep reading list.
  • Exam requirements and the depth and breadth of expectations.
  • The problem areas and where advisers are getting it wrong.

**FASEA exam Jan 2021 - 67% of all candidates passed the FASEA exam. 46% of advisers re-sitting the exam passed the exam.