Estate Planning: The Complete Service Delivery Guide

The structure, program and content to deliver estate planning services to your clients


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Estate Planning: The complete service delivery guide

Who will deliver this service to your clients?


Estate planning advice is a natural service extension for accountants looking to expand their client service offer.


Effective and practical estate planning services are not being provided to the SME market and it is an area where so many of your clients need advice. Accountants and advisers play a critical role in educating and assisting their clients to put an effective estate plan in place. This is not the domain of just the wealthy. Clients who may need an estate plan include:


Clients wanting to ensure specific distribution to beneficiaries

Clients with more than $2 million in assets

Clients where care & maintenance of children is important

Clients with a small business

Blended families

Clients with family tensions


Who should attend?

Client facing advisers, financial advisers, tax consultants


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With an ageing population and the baby boomer generation moving through the small business system, intergenerational wealth transfer is estimated to be $2.4 trillion

Who will deliver estate planning services if you don't?

Understanding the Estate Planning Opportunity

  • The size of the market
  • Misconceptions about estate planning & the accountant’s role
  • The importance of the 4 asset buckets
  • Why the questions are more important than the answers

4 Stages of an Estate Plan

  • Quantifying the estate, identifying estate issues
  • Developing an estate plan
  • Converting the estate plan into legal documentation – engaging with the lawyers
  • The review process

Common Estate Issues

  • Unearthing the estate issues
  • In specie distributions
  • Liabilities & contingent liabilities
  • When assets need to be retained & managed longer term
  • Interaction between the SMSF & the estate

Process, Systems & Documentation

  • Advice documentation
  • Checklists and questionnaires
  • Advice process map

Planning Opportunities

  • Risk mitigating estate issues
  • Creating tax efficiency in the estate plan
  • Looking after the children & other minors
  • The tax benefits of testamentary trusts
  • When the estate does not deliver the required objectives

"Thank you for enabling us to transition from an ad-hoc reactionary process to planned efficient solutions."

Sydney Estate Planning participant

Common Tax Issues Faced in Estate Planning

  • Tax exposure on distribution of the estate
  • CGT & cost bases
  • The main residence and pre-CGT assets

Delivering Estate Planning Services

  • Having a clear process & work program
  • Working with a licensed adviser
  • Pricing your services

Marketing the Service

  • Creating client awareness
  • Messaging – one to many
  • The value of client self-selection 

What to expect from the program

Throughout the day we will walk you through the estate planning issues using case studies and examples. Part education, part process - our objective is to provide you with the practical approach and tools to deliver estate planning services to your clients. At the end of the day you should be better equipped to offer this advice with confidence.

So, what do you say?

Our Presenter

Greg Hayes

Greg Hayes
Director, Hayes Knight


CCH Australia describe Greg as a “serial entrepreneur.” An apt title for the founder of the Hayes Knight group, Knowledge Shop, Merit Wealth and now Managing Director of ASX listed Easton Investments. He is a practice management specialist, innovator, and published author who mentors and assists other firms to grow and develop their potential.


An accountant for over 30 years, Greg has built a successful Australasian accounting group from modest beginnings in the outer suburbs of Sydney. A popular presenter, Greg has ‘been there and done that.’ There are no untested theories or marketing hype – just practical, realistic principles that are at the core of top quartile firms across Australia.


Beyond his practice management knowledge, Greg is a business valuation specialist. These two skills sets are a powerful combination when applied to the business of accounting. He regularly values accounting practices and has developed valuation models for the profession that look through to the core of how a successful accounting firm functions and what it should deliver.


Greg is a familiar face in the Australian media as an expert commentator on business and taxation issues. He regularly appears in the Australian Financial Review and other business publications. He is a former member of the Advisory Review Panel for the Board of Taxation.


Linked In

Michael Carruthers Director Knowledge Shop

Michael Carruthers

Tax Director, Knowledge Shop


Michael oversees the development of the tax team for Knowledge Shop and Hayes Knight in Sydney and is head of the Easton Investments’ national tax advisory committee.


He has a knack for seeing through the complexity and helping practitioners work through highly technical issues with certainty and accuracy.


Michael is a member of the advisory panel for the Board of Taxation and is a member of the reference group for the Board’s review of small business concessions. He was also an expert panel member for the Board’s review of tax impediments facing small business.


Linked In

Michael was the 2016 Thought Leader of the Year at the 2016 Accounting Awards


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