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All of Knowledge Shop's exam prep training is designed to give you the knowledge you need to complete the exam (not just an assessment of what you do or don’t know).  Every training option builds your knowledge of the prescribed exam topics and tests that knowledge with interactive Q&As. Every training option includes detailed reference notes and the Q&A answer booklet that explains why an answer is the answer.

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Literally just opened the email and am still hanging from the stars with excitement – I PASSED!!!!! It must have been all the prep I did with you guys – this has made all the difference, can’t thank you all enough."
I would not have passed had I not done the online exam module with yourselves."
I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and notes supplied and for the one-on-one support you offered and all the time you gave up to help not just me but everyone to get through the exam it was so appreciated."
Just got results at a time when half were failing. I got through! And am absolutely stoked!!!! I put this down, in no uncertain terms, to your help, care & coaching! I didn’t feel too positive but now realise I got the ones right that really mattered and got through"

About the Financial Services Exam

Existing advisers must pass the financial services exam by:

About the exam:

  • 3.5 hour exam (including reading time)
  • Practical application of adviser knowledge in the following competency areas:
  • Financial adviser regulatory & legal obligations (Corporations Act chapter 7, anti-money laundering, Tax Agents Services Act)
  • Financial advice construction- suitability of advice aligned to different consumer groups, incorporating consumer behaviour and decision making
  • Applied ethical and professional reasoning and communication incorporating Code of Ethics and Code of Monitoring Bodies
  • Limited open book (statutory materials only)
  • The exam is at least 70 questions - At least 64 multiple choice questions and at least 6 written questions. 


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