GST For Property & Business Clients Workshop

How to Work Through Complex GST Issues, Reduce Risk, and Achieve the Best Possible Outcome

GST Consequences of Falling Property Prices
GST on Cross Border Transactions
GST-Free Sale of Business
Working with the New Withholding Rules

Stay on top of the latest changes, ensure clients don’t miss out on the concessions that are built into the GST system, minimise risk for clients and your firm, and approach major transactions with confidence.

While many accountants are comfortable applying GST on day-to-day business transactions, things become complex quickly when clients are buying or selling property, dealing with overseas customers or suppliers or when selling their business.

Recent changes to the rules dealing with property transactions and cross border dealings might have improved the integrity of the system, but the changes mean that clients and their accountants are often subject to more onerous obligations and are exposed to significant liabilities if things are not done properly.

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2019 Dates & Details

Melbourne 13 August | Perth 30 August | Brisbane 3 September
Sydney 13 September

Early bird ends Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane - Friday 19 July
Sydney - Friday 16 August

8 PD Hours, 8 active PD hours (for ASIC purposes)
Reference book included
Bring a calculator and jacket

What We Cover

This intensive workshop will cover the obligations, concessions and practical issues that need to be addressed when assisting business clients and those involved in the property industry.

Selling Property

  • When a client should be registered for GST
  • What is an enterprise for GST purposes?
  • The latest ATO guidance on property projects
  • The interaction between the revenue / capital distinction for income tax purposes and the GST system
  • Residential premises, new residential premises and commercial residential premises
  • Residential property used for business purposes
  • The ATO’s approach to applying the 5-year leasing rule
  • Applying the going concern rules to property transactions
  • Dealing with mixed use properties

The New GST Withholding Rules

  • The types of transactions that are caught by the rules
  • Exclusions from the new rules
  • Notification obligations
  • Calculating the withholding liability in different scenarios
  • The penalties for getting it wrong

GST adjustments

  • Renting out a property that was bought / built for sale
  • When to apply an output based method or a time-based method
  • Adjustments when using the going concern rules
  • Determining when the adjustment periods have expired

Using the Margin Scheme

  • When the margin scheme can and cannot be used
  • The different options for calculating the margin and when to use them
  • The strict valuation rules that must be followed
  • The impact on both parties when using the margin scheme
  • The complex rules that apply when selling property that was acquired after 9 December 2008

Dealing with Overseas Customers or Suppliers

  • How to apply the export rules for services provided to foreign customers
  • Key risk areas for accountants when assisting foreign clients with their Australian tax affairs
  • Applying the GST rules to intangible supplies such as software licensing arrangements
  • The new rules for determining whether transactions are connected with Australia
  • When sales of goods can stay outside the GST system

Selling a Business

  • The benefits of applying the going concern rules
  • Step-by step guide to ensure that the going concern rules apply
  • The common problem areas and how they can be dealt with
  • Practical steps to minimise risk and unexpected liabilities for both parties
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Our Speaker

Michael Carruthers
Michael Carruthers

Michael oversees the development of the tax team for Knowledge Shop and Hayes Knight in Sydney and is head of the Hayes Knight group’s national tax committee.

Michael has a knack for seeing through the complexity and helping practitioners work through highly technical issues with certainty and accuracy

Michael is a member of the advisory panel for the Board of Taxation and is a member of the reference group for the Board’s review of small business concessions. He was also an expert panel member for the Board’s review of tax impediments facing small business.


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Venues & Times

Tuesday 13 August 2019
Rendezvous Hotel
328 Flinders Street, Melbourne

Friday 30 August 2019
Duxton Hotel
1 St Georges Tce, Perth

Tuesday 3 September 2019
Brisbane Hilton
190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane

Friday 13 September 2019
Cliftons Sydney
60 Margaret St, Sydney

All workshop sessions
8.30am Registration
9.00am - 5pm Workshop


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