SMSF Basics Workshop 2019

The tax and accounting fundamentals specific to SMSFs


Get your team ready for 2019 accounts / financial statements prep!
Accurately do the tax and accounting work for an SMSF
Essential for graduates, intermediates, and all those new to SMSFs

This workshop has been designed to save you time.

Instead of working with your team job to job to build their experience, we take them through the issues, processes and procedures to get it right the first time. We help them identify the ‘red flags’ even if they are not the ones solving the problem.

SMSF Basics is a practical induction into the tax and accounting fundamentals essential to accurately manage the specific needs of SMSF clients.  At the workshop, our experienced presenter will not only show you and your team how to do the tax and accounting work for an SMSF accurately but see beyond the compliance basics to truly understand what needs to be done and how to deliver the best results.

And, we’ll show them how to interact with their software in an efficient way. Software is only as good as the person using it - we’ll show them what to look out for and how to be sure they are not just relying on what the software tells them.

 Who should attend?

Best for graduates, intermediates, those new to SMSFs, and those needing a practical refresher of the current law.


"Comprehensive and in depth - great for people new to SMSF or wanting a refresher."

2018 attendee

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2019 Dates & Details

Sydney Friday 8 November | Melbourne Wednesday 13 November | Brisbane Friday 22 November

8 PD Hours, 6.5 active PD hours (for ASIC purposes)
SMSF Association accreditation points pending
2 - 2.5 /5 difficulty
Reference book included
Bring a calculator and jacket

What we cover

A practical induction into the tax and accounting fundamentals essential to accurately manage the specific needs of SMSF clients.

Super & SMSF Fundamentals

Superannuation makes a whole lot more sense when you understand how it all fits together and why. We look at how SMSFs fit into the broader superannuation system and their peculiarities, introduce how superannuation is taxed, and how tax applies to the lifecycle of the fund and its members.

  • Fundamental superannuation concepts
  • An introduction to the tax environment within super
  • Trustee types and what they mean in real life
  • How SMSFs are regulated 


We help your team to not only accurately manage contributions but understand what to look for to identify a problem before it actually becomes one for the client.

  • Types of contributions and how to accurately account for them
  • Managing all the different contribution sources that can accumulate throughout the year – what to look at and what to do about it
  • Contribution limits & restrictions
  • Taxation of contributions
  • The contribution traps to be wary of
  • Contribution documentation
  • Managing and correctly recording rollovers


We step through the procedures to manage pension compliance - including working with different types of pensions, making sure the minimum pensions are met, and what your team can expect the software to do to help. We also highlight problem areas and identify triggers that indicate a problem is looming.

  • Understanding the transfer balance cap
  • TRIS vs TRIS in retirement phase vs ABP - what’s the difference?
  • Ensuring that the minimum pension is met
  • Superannuation interests: dealing with member accounts and multiple member accounts
  • Preservation rules and the SIS conditions of release
  • Pension documentation
  • Tax treatment of pensions
  • The fundamentals of events-based reporting

“A great introduction to all things super! Concise
and comprehensive notes, worked examples were
practical and a great presentation.”

2018 attendee

Income & Deductions

Get the tax treatment of income and deductions right the first time. If your team get these two fundamental financial statement components wrong, they may need to redo the accounts or potentially have the auditor request an adjustment. Superannuation software only does what it is told.

  • Income in accumulation and pension phase – for segregated and unsegregated assets
  • Exempt current pension income and the new interpretation for the 2019 financial year
  • Tax and preservation components
  • Deductions in accumulation and pension phase 


Once you understand how to correctly code income and deductions, the next step is to offset any revenue losses against net income. Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, there are areas that still catch practitioners out and clients end up paying the wrong amount of tax.

We walk through the process to get the right outcome. Using specific examples, we demonstrate how to best deal with brought forward capital and revenue losses, applying losses against current year income, and managing carry forward losses. These examples cover both accumulation and pension phase.

  • How to manage capital and revenue losses - when & how they can be used
  • Using capital losses from last year and this year, and carrying forward the right amount to next year

Tying it all together – preparing the financial statements and tax return

Once all the elements are in place, we show you how to combine everything in the right way for the pièce de résistance, the financial statements. Understanding what the financial statements are telling you, and how this affects the tax return:

  • How to read and understand the financial statements
  • Actuarial certificates - when you need them
  • Ex-dividend vs cum-dividend - which one is correct?
  • Accurately recording assets at market value including property, collectibles, unlisted investments and unit trusts
  • Cash vs accruals?
  • Getting the tax return right
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Our Speaker

Ray Itaoui
Ray Itaoui

Ray is a Director of Hayes Knight and a registered SMSF Auditor with extensive experience in the audit, accounting, and administration of superannuation funds.

Ray has expanded Hayes Knight’s Superannuation Division considerably over the last few years. As the head of the SMSF division, he has developed and implemented the processes and procedures to create an efficient, accurate and proactive SMSF compliance, administration and audit service. In addition to his work with Hayes Knight, Ray also heads
Hayes Knight’s SMSF audit and administration outsourcing company, Superssentials Pty Ltd.  Superssentials is a high quality, Australian based service that ensures there will be no nasty surprises for accounting firms across Australia and the clients they refer.

Ray is that rare breed of person who is not only practical but detail conscious with an in-depth understanding of the impact of the regulatory environment faced by the profession.


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Venues & Times


Friday 8 November
Macquarie Graduate School of Mgt (map)
123 Pitt Street, Sydney


Wednesday 13 November 2019
Rendezvous Hotel (map)
328 Flinders Street, Melbourne



Friday 22 November 2019
Sofitel Brisbane (map)
249 Turbot Street, Brisbane


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8.30am - 9.00am Registration
9.00am - 5.00pm Workshop