Tax & Business Services Intermediate II Workshop 2019

Case study driven - Take your compliance team to the next level


Move beyond the fundamentals of compliance work
Identify issues and risks before they become problems for clients
Brilliant refresher to keep you current

There is no other program as practical or close to reality as this one at this level.


Designed for accountants who are comfortable with the fundamentals of compliance work and are ready to step up to the next level - or as a practical refresher on the ‘need to knows.’ Even if you are an experienced practitioner, this workshop will bring you up to speed with common problem areas.


Tax & Business Services Intermediate II focuses on identifying issues and potential problems before the client jumps in and commits to something that might have a poor tax outcome.


Best for those moving beyond the basics and building the complexity of the work they tackle, and those needing a refresher on current law.


Essential for those who attended the Tax & Business Services Basic Workshop.

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2019 Dates & Details

Sydney Wednesday 20 November | Melbourne Tuesday 26 November

8 PD Hours, 6.5 active PD hours

Early bird ends Wednesday 16 October 2019
Reference book included
Bring a calculator and jacket


What we cover

“Was informative and helpful as there were a lot of real life scenarios.”

2019 Intermediate I participant

Case Study

Working with trusts - the next step

  • What is a Family Trust Election (FTE) and when do you need one
    • Advantages and disadvantages of FTEs
    • What to watch out for when an FTE is in place
    • Timing issues – when should FTEs actually be made?
    • When and how to make retrospective FTEs
    • Identifying the most appropriate test individual
    • Working through the family control test
    • How to determine who is in the family group
    • Situations when an interposed entity election might be needed
  • Unpaid distributions - what are the risks?
    • Division 7A and more
  • What are the ATO’s current trust targets?
    • Practical steps to protect clients

“Very engaging and relevant.”

2019 June participant

Case Study

Small Business Entity vs Base Rate Entity

  • Different turnovers for different concessions
    • $2 million, $5 million, $10 million or $50 million - which threshold to apply and when
  • What is a small business entity (SBE)?
    • The ATO’s different approach for companies
  • How to make the most of the SBE concessions
    • Cash vs accruals
    • Simplified depreciation provisions
    • Writing-off pool balances
  • Small business tax offset
    • How business structure impacts on whether the tax offset can be claimed
  • No longer an SBE – what now?
  • What is a base rate entity (BRE) - clearing the confusion
    • Impact on the corporate tax rate
    • Impact on the franking rate
    • Tax planning strategies
  • Medium-sized businesses and the new immediate deduction rules for depreciating assets

Case Study

Rental property issues & ‘ATO proofing’ clients

  • Properties rented to family members and other related parties
    • Recognising income and the impact on deductions
  • Repairs vs capital improvements
    • Special levies
  • Interest deductions - what’s attracting the ATO’s attention?
  • Expenses incurred before the taxpayer rents out the property
    • Proposed changes from 1 July 2019
  • Expenses incurred after the taxpayer stops renting the property or the property is sold
  • Issues that arise when earning income through Airbnb and other sharing economy platforms
    • Impact on the main residence provisions
    • When can the absence rule apply?
  • GST and property problem areas

Case Study

Loans between related parties

  • On-lending to a business
    • Deductibility of interest
  • At call loans - what are the issues?
  • Tidying up inter-entity loans
  • What to do if a loan is not recoverable?
    • When can a deduction be claimed by the lender?
    • How to work out whether a capital loss is available and how to structure loans so that capital losses can be claimed on forgiveness of debts
  • Identifying possible FBT problems
  • Applying the commercial debt forgiveness rules in real life
  • Division 7A and debt forgiveness
  • Death and debt forgiveness

Tax & Business Services Intermediate II covers the issues most practitioners previously had to learn by experience or by making mistakes. Even if you are an experienced practitioner, this workshop will bring you up to speed with common problem areas.


Using a case study format, we help team members step up beyond the basics and manage the common but often tricky tax and business services compliance issues.


The case study structure of the day gives a ‘real life’ context to tax and business services and ensures that the logic of why particular things are completed in a particular way is not lost in theory.


It’s going to be an exhausting day but well worth the effort.

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Our presenters

Karen Vella
Karen Vella

Karen solidified her role as an educator at Webb Martin (Kaplan) before creating her own consultancy.  She has worked her magic on leading accounting practices around the country, CPA Australia, the ATO, and now for her audience at this exceptional workshop.


Karen understands how to translate complex tax issues into practical, everyday solutions for her audience.



Rae Ni Corraidh
Rae Ni Corraidh

Rae is an experienced tax adviser and trainer focused on helping practitioners apply complex tax rules to real life scenarios.


She understands the challenges faced by practitioners and brings a wealth of practical experience to this workshop.


A regular presenter for Knowledge Shop, Rae has delivered The Tax Institute’s CTA courses for several years, in addition to being a Chartered Tax Adviser and Chair of The Tax Institute’s NSW Technical Committee.




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Venues & Times

Wednesday 20 November 2019
Cliftons Sydney (map)
60 Margaret St, Sydney



Tuesday, 26 November 2019
Cliftons Melbourne - Collins St (map)

1/440 Collins St, Melbourne 

All workshop sessions
8.30am - 9:00am Registration
9.00am - 5pm Workshop