Tax & Business Services Intermediate 1 Online Workshop 2022

Take your compliance team to the next level

Move beyond the fundamentals of compliance work
Take your team members to the next level
Brilliant refresher to keep you current

A Live Instructor Led Workshop

Tax & Business Services - Intermediate Part 1 covers the issues most practitioners previously had to learn by experience or by making mistakes. Even experienced practitioners have found that this workshop brings them up to speed with the common problem areas in a range of issues frequently faced by clients.

Using a case study format, we help team members step up beyond the basics and manage the common but often tricky tax and business services compliance issues.

The case study structure of the sessions gives a ‘real life’ context to tax and business services and ensures that the logic of why particular things are completed in a particular way is not lost in theory.

This workshop is best for those moving beyond the basics and building the complexity of the work they tackle, and those needing a refresher on current law. Essential for those who attended the Tax & Business Services - Basic Workshop.

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Total 7 CPD Hours (est.)


Recorded: 10, 15 & 17 June 2022

FPA accreditation pending

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What we cover

How to apply the right tax treatment to different areas of taxation, including:


Session 1: Personal Services Income and Trust Essentials

June 10, 2022
Personal Services Income
  • TR 2021/D2 – What does the ATO’s new guidance have to say?
  • The ATO rules of thumb that can get your clients off the PSI hook
  • Can you really identify personal services income?
    • Do the PSI rules apply to professional firms?
    • The ATO guidance in PCG 2021/4 – when does this need to be considered?
  • Understanding the different rules for companies, trusts and partnerships
  • Applying the tests
    • Why passing the results test is harder than you think
    • Why your clients might fail an ATO audit
  • Why the rules apply to sole traders too
  • The concessions that might help your clients pass the tests
  • Special rules for agents, including financial planners
  • What to do when your client is caught by the rules
    • The practical issues: PAYG withholding and tax returns
  • Part IVA and PSI:
    • High and low risk tax planning strategies
  • The difference between accounting income, taxable income and distributable income explained
    • How to deal with the difference between them
  • Step-by-step guide on calculating how much tax the beneficiaries and trustee need to pay
    • The rulings that remain in draft and what this means
  • The step-by-step guide to making sure that trust distributions are effective
    • Where practitioners are still getting it wrong
  • How to read a trust deed
  • The ATO’s recent guidance regarding Section 100A and ‘normal commercial and family dealings’
  • The ATO’s new guidance regarding loans to and from trusts which applies from 1 July 2022

Session 3: CGT and the Main Residence Rules

June 17, 2022

Why they are not as easy as you think!

  • Making the most of the concessions that are available
  • Calculating the gain when the status of the property changes
  • Accessing the exemption - the step-by-step procedures
  • Moving beyond the basics
  • Using a home to produce income and why some clients are in for a shock
  • What happens if your client is a non-resident

Session 2: Division 7A and Employee vs Contractor

June 15, 2022
Division 7A

The Division 7A problems too many practitioners are still failing to recognise (and the horrible impact this has on clients!) and the massive changes that will make things even more complex. 

  • Key aspects of the proposed new rules
    • 10 year loans and the transitional rules for existing loans
    • The shorter time frame for dealing with UPEs
    • Longer amendment periods
    • Risks associated with pre-1997 loans
  • Division 7A issues over time
    • How to achieve an efficient tax outcome
    • Why the short term ‘fix’ can cost your client big $ in the long run (and how to fix the fix)
  • Trusts - the dangers of loans to and from trusts
  • Unpaid distributions to companies:
    • 79% tax - preventing the worst case scenario
    • The options available
  • Managing loan agreements (what absolutely has to be covered)
  • Calculating distributable surplus
  • Getting the timing right
Employee vs Contractor
  • What are the key factors that need to be considered in determining whether a worker is treated as an employee or a contractor?
  • How far back can the ATO go to recover superannuation guarantee liabilities?
  • What the courts are saying about this issue
  • Strategies for reducing the risk
    • Can a company or trust be used to avoid SG obligations
  • Other problems that can arise when contractors are engaged
  • Recent cases in this area
  • Changes to SG obligations from 1 July 2022 for employers

Our presenters

Director, Green Square Tax

Karen Vella


Karen understands how to translate complex tax issues into practical, everyday solutions for her audience. She has ‘been there and done that’, having trained with the Big Four, initiated her own successful small practice before moving to Hayes Knight, then solidifying her role as an educator at Webb Martin (Kaplan) before creating her own consultancy.

She has worked her magic on leading accounting practices around the country and now for her audience at this exceptional workshop.



Tax Adviser, Knowledge Shop

Rae Ni Corraidh

Rae Round

Rae is an experienced tax advisor and trainer focused on helping practitioners apply complex tax rules to real life scenarios.

She understands the challenges faced by practitioners and brings a wealth of practical experience to the workshop ensure participants walk away with the knowledge and tools they need to help their clients navigate the technical issues they are facing.

Rae has over 20 years tax experience in professional services firms, ten in Big 4 firms both in Australia and internationally and has held management positions in mid-tier firms.

Rae holds a Masters in Commerce specialising in tax.