Tax & Employment Web Series

Optimising client outcomes and protecting against the very real and significant risks

The issues and risks for employers
How to help employers get it right
Retain deductions and prevent penalties from arising

3 part instructor led training

Businesses that engage employees or contractors are subject to a wide range of obligations under the tax and super systems. Failing to satisfy these obligations can lead to adverse tax outcomes and significant penalties, not just for the business entity, but also sometimes for the individuals who control that entity.

The Tax & Employment Web Series explores the gamut of issues faced by employers from the classification of allowances to payroll tax to director responsibilities. It’s a comprehensive overview of the obligations, problem areas and opportunities within the tax system. 

In some areas, like payroll tax, accountants can only go so far in the advice they provide but are still expected to know all of the answers by their clients. This is why it is so important to understand the key risk areas and latest developments so that accountants and their clients know when it is time to seek legal advice.  

Tax and employment can be complex and recent changes to the rules mean that making mistakes can be very costly. There are a myriad of arrangements, taxes and interactions to manage regardless of the number of employees or contractors that a business engages with. Optimising outcomes for clients and importantly, protecting against some very significant risks, is essential from both a commercial and compliance perspective.

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Dates & details

Wednesday, 9 Feb 2022
Monday, 14 Feb 2022
Wednesday, 16 Feb 2022

Time all sessions
12:00pm - 2:00pm AEDT 
11:30am SA
11:00am QLD
10:30am NT
09:00am WA

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The Line Up

Our presenters.

Rae Round

Rae Ni Corraidh
Tax Adviser
Knowledge Shop

MMcK Round

Matthew McKee
Brown Wright Stein

MC Round

Michael Carruthers
Tax Director
Knowledge Shop

KV Round

Karen Vella

The details

Across 3 sessions, the Tax & Employment Web Series identifies the details every accountant needs to know.

What's included?

  • 3 x 2 hour (est.) webinar
  • 3 month access to Q&A embedded webinar recording for each registrant - so don't worry if you can't make all of the live dates
  • Reference notes

Session 1

February 9, 2022

PAYG withholding

  • Identifying the payments that are subject to withholding
  • When a failure to report or withhold affects deductibility of wages
    • Fixing the issue to restore deductibility
  • What penalties may still apply
    • What’s included in Phase 2 from 1 January 2022?
    • What can’t be reported with STP?Recent and upcoming changes to single touch payroll
    • Dealing with closely held payees
  • New procedures with employee commencement forms


  • Allowance vs reimbursement – why is the distinction important?
  • When does an allowance require PAYG withholding and/or super guarantee?
  • When are allowances not reportable on the employee’s income statement?
  • Travel v living-away-from-home allowances
    • Why it’s vital to know the difference
    • The new ATO safe harbour
  • The Commissioner’s reasonable travel and overtime meal allowance amounts
  • Where practitioners are getting it wrong – recent cases

Fringe Benefits Tax

  • New rulings dealing with travel and transport expenses
  • Recent extension of FBT tax concessions
  • New FBT exemption for retraining and reskilling workers
  • Dealing with employee contributions toward fringe benefits
    • Are journal entries sufficient?
  • FBT reporting and single touch payroll
  • FBT considerations in light of COVID-19

Session 2

February 14, 2022

Superannuation Guarantee

  • Evolving rates and base – everything you need to know
  • Recent impacts on SG liability where employees are salary sacrificing
  • The Commissioner’s view on SG and leave loading
  • Changes to super choice rules from 1 November 2021
    • What to do when the employee fails to make a choice
  • When do amounts paid under the SG Amnesty remain non-deductible?
  • What happens when it goes wrong – the super guarantee charge calculation in practice
  • Part 7 Penalty – what is it, when will it apply and how to reduce it?
  • Removing the $450 per month threshold as announced in 2021-22 Federal Budget
  • The SG opt out for certain high-income earners

Employee v contractor – understanding the difference

  • When are subcontractors considered employees for PAYG withholding and SG?
  • Contracts for labour
  • Can a business contract out of its SG obligations?
  • What are the Courts saying?
  • The key factors that determine whether an employment or contract arrangement exists
  • The implications of getting it wrong
  • Wage theft allegations/ cases
  • SGC components
  • How far back can the ATO go to recover SG liabilities?
  • Can businesses with SG problems just shut down and start fresh with a clean slate?

Foreign employment

  • Australian employers with overseas staff or contractors
  • Employees of foreign businesses working in Australia
  • The impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions

Employer deductions

  • What can an employer deduct?
  • When wages and super and non-deductible
  • Managing the timing issues
  • When are wages on capital account and non-deductible?

Session 3

February 16, 2022

Payroll Tax

  • Applying the grouping rules
  • Determining whether contractors are caught or whether a specific exemption applies
  • What is included in wages for payroll tax purposes?
  • Recent cases

Director penalty regime and unpaid PAYG / Super Guarantee

  • Recent changes that can significantly increase personal liabilities
  • How to make sure directors are protected
  • How missing deadlines puts the director’s personal assets at risk
  • Things a director must do to limit their personal liability