Training Terms & Conditions

What happens if I need to cancel?

1. All training registrations are subject to our cancellation policy. We understand that from time to time you cannot make it to an event that you have registered for and often there is an excellent reason why you cannot make it.

Cancellation policy:

Full day programs

We will do everything possible to soften the impact of your cancellation however, due to the costs that we have already incurred in developing and hosting the program, full refunds are not possible if the cancellation is received within 14 days of the event date. Our cancellation policy provides:

  • 15 days or more prior to the event date. 100% refund. Cancellations received up to 15 days prior to the event will be fully refunded. No administration charges apply.
  • Between 14 and 6 working prior to the event date - 100% credit. Cancellations received up to 6 working days prior to the event will receive a 100% credit against a future training course. No refunds are available.
  • 5 working days or less prior to the event - 0% refund and 0% credit – Where cancellations are received less than 5 working days prior to the event, no credit and no refund is available under any circumstances. We have fully paid the cost for you to attend the training day at this point.


  • Up to 24 hours prior to the webinar100% refund up to 12 noon the day before the webinar.
  • Less than 24 hours prior to the webinar - No refunds or credits are available.  If you miss the webinar, a recording will be available for a period of time after the webinar.

Professional Development

  • Knowledge Shop's quarterly professional development programs are member-only events.  Each financial member can send two attendees free of charge.  Find out more about Knowledge Shop membership.
  • Additional attendees from member firms are more than welcome at a minimal charge. Cancellations of additional attendees advised less than three working days prior to PD are non-refundable.  


2. You are more than welcome to have someone else attend in your place. We do not charge administration or transfer charges for this.

3. If you simply do not show up to the event, we will provide you with a copy of the training materials provided to participants.  No refunds and no credits are available.  Your registration will reflect that you did not attend the program and no PD points will be attributed to you.

4. The office rate applicable to webinars is capped at a maximum 10 participants per office.  When you register for an office based registration, we will contact you to get the names of the participants attending.  This way, their participation will be recognised for CPD purposes.  Office registrations have the option of receiving one or multiple links to the webinar.  So, you can have your office participating in the webinar individually at their computers or together in a board room.    

Can I transfer my registration to another training program?

5. You are more than welcome to transfer your registration to one training day to another training day as long as you advise us within 5 working days. We do not impose administration charges or transfer fees for doing this.  However, for FASEA workshops, if you wish to transfer to another FASEA workshop and you give less than 5 working days notice, an administration fee will apply (this will vary between each location). 

6. Where the training program you are transferring to is less expensive than the program you have registered for, we will refund the difference to you on transfer. No administration fees apply.

7. Where the training program you are transferring to is more expensive than the program you have registered for, we will need viable payment details to finalise the transfer.  No administration fees apply.

What happens if Knowledge Shop needs to cancel or postpone a program?

8. We do our best to avoid it but Knowledge Shop reserves the right to cancel or postpone training programs and webinars in circumstances where the presenter is unable to present the program (i.e., medical emergencies and sickness) and a suitable replacement is not available, or where the program is not commercially viable.

9. Knowledge Shop will provide a full refund where a training program or webinar is cancelled.

10. Where a program is postponed, we will contact you to see if you would like us to transfer your registration and your attendance fee to the new date or if you would like a full refund.

11. You are responsible for any costs associated to your attendance at Knowledge Shop training programs such as flights and accommodation. Any registration is on the basis that there is a risk that the program will be cancelled or postponed and it is your responsibility to ensure that any private bookings you make take this into account. If you are travelling from a remote area, we are more than happy to work with you and contact you when we can guarantee that the event is commercially viable (we cannot avoid cancellations or postponements where the presenter is not available).  

Program alterations 

12. Knowledge Shop reserves the right to alter elements of ay training program o webinar without notice.  However, we almost never do this and where changes have been made, it is to accommodate recent changes in the field, or to remove minor elements of the program where it is unlikely that time will allow us to deliver these elements effectively.

13. Our brochures and website provide a comprehensive outline of what we will cover on the day and the level of participant that the training is targeted at.  

Use of training program materials 

14. The materials and contents for Knowledge Shop training days and webinars are for use by the attendee and their firm only.  The materials are not to be shared, distributed, repurposed, or on-sold in any way.

15. The content of our training programs and the materials provided are for information purposes only. It is not possible that they cover every conceivable scenario. If you need professional advice, you should consult a suitably qualified professional. Or, join the Knowledge Shop membership and clarify your issue with our help desk.

16. If you have concerns or queries about any of the materials presented at a training day, you should contact Knowledge Shop on 1800 800 232.

17. The content provided at the training programs and webinars is relevant at the time of the event and the publication date of any accompanying materials. It is up to the participant to check the accuracy of the information over time.  

Privacy of your details

18. We protect the privacy of the information you provide to us.

19. Knowledge Shop will not share your details with a third party, such as a sponsor, unless we have disclosed this fact to you on registration. 

20. We request your direct email address in order to provide the registration confirmation with the full details of the date, venue and access information, and for the tax invoice.

21. By registering and providing your details, you give Knowledge Shop permission to contact you about upcoming training programs and offers that we believe may be of interest to you. You have the right to be removed from our marketing databases at any point and not be contacted. Please call us on 1800 800 232. For further privacy, please see our privacy policy.