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Working, Investing & Doing Business Overseas Tax Essentials
Specifically designed for every accountant
Starts November

The Working, Investing and Doing Business Overseas Workshop is designed to ensure that you and your team can identify and work through cross border issues regardless of your client’s needs or entity type.


It's a huge, case study driven training day to help every accountant manage clients with international needs.


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SMSF Strategy &
Tactics Webinar Series
Starts 11 December 2017

The SMSF Strategy & Tactics Web Series offers a step-by-step approach to identify new opportunities and the risks that may affect SMSF clients in the new reform environment.



SMSF - Related Parties &
In-House Assets Webinar
28 November 2017

The closely held nature of SMSFs often results in transactions being carried out with the fund's related parties. In many cases, these transactions create in-house asset issues.  


This webinar breaks down the complexity of the in-house asset rules and how they should be correctly applied. 


SMSF Trust Deeds:
Getting It Right Webinar
Give your team the knowledge to get SMSF deed creation and updates right the first time

Give your team the knowledge to get SMSF deed creation and updates right the first time. Free for Knowledge Shop member firms.


Tuesday, 5 December 2017



Members only! Knowledge Shop PD
Join us for the Nov / Dec PD
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Join us for this special member only event - everything you need to keep up to date and ahead of the game in 3 hours.


Be quick to register as PD books out early!


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Tax, Investors & Property Web Series
27 Nov | 1 Dec 2017

Managing the strict new residential property depreciation rules, and the 1 July 2017 changes impacting property investors.



Business Valuations
Intermediate Web Series
29 Nov | 6 Dec | 8 Dec 2017

So you’ve got a bit of valuations knowledge and might have completed a few valuations. Were you confident with the outcomes and are you sure your approach covered all of the issues? This webinar series focuses on the typical SME valuation issues.


29 Nov | 6 Dec | 8 Dec 2017



Tax & Business Services - Basic 2018
Starts February 2018

Tax & Business Services - Basic is an intensive workshop style induction into the real world for graduates through to intermediate accountants and those needing a practical refresher on the fundamentals.  


Then, join us for in June for Part 2 Tax & Business Services - Intermediate.



Tax & Business Services - Intermediate 2018
Starts June 2018

Tax & Business Services Intermediate is for accountants who are comfortable with the fundamentals of compliance work and are ready to step up to the next level - or as a practical refresher on the ‘need to knows.’


Best for those moving beyond the basics and building the complexity of the work they tackle, and those needing a refresher on current law.  Essential for those who attended the Tax & Business Services - Basic Workshop. 


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If your firm was a member of Knowledge Shop®, every quarter two of your team could attend PD in one of seven locations around the country absolutely free.

“…for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.



Knowledge Shop® has embraced this philosophy for over a decade with practical, workshop based accountant's training.  We don’t just stand there and lecture you about what you need to know, we work with you so you can do it.

The Knowledge Shop philosophy - learn by doing