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SMSF Strategy & Tactics Workshop
Starts May 2018

The SMSF Strategy & Tactics training day offers a step-by-step approach to better managing your client’s SMSF.


This workshop delivers the tactics appropriate for each stage of a fund’s life: from money in, to money out, and maximising the opportunities in between. Maximising money coming in, clever ideas for SMSF growth, and tax planning opportunities (estate planning).



SMSF Event-based Reporting
Getting it Right Webinar
23 May 2018

New event-based reporting obligations for SMSFs commence 1 July 2018 and will transform the way accountants go about their work.


It's essential for those working with SMSFs to understand how event-based reporting works and to get the processes right. Don't be left behind.



Business Valuations Intermediate
Web Series
Starts May 2018

The 3-part Business Valuations Intermediate Web Series takes you through typical SME valuation issues and how to best manage them with the most current valuation methods and data.


This is a practical webinar series for every accountant with the basics of valuation knowledge who are seeking to upskill.



Tax & Business Services - Intermediate 2018
Starts June 2018

Tax & Business Services Intermediate is for accountants who are comfortable with the fundamentals of compliance work and are ready to step up to the next level - or as a practical refresher on the ‘need to knows.’


Best for those moving beyond the basics and building the complexity of the work they tackle, and those needing a refresher on current law.  Essential for those who attended the Tax & Business Services - Basic Workshop. 


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GST & Property Web Series
Starts June 2018

A step through of the GST issues for property development projects.

This two-part webinar series helps you identify the GST issues and the steps that need to be taken to effectively utilise the concessions that are available under the tax system.



Managing Foreign Clients & Australian Clients Overseas Web Series
Starts June 2018

A four-part webinar series covering the fundamental and often complex issues involved in managing cross border issues for business clients and individuals.  These are the issues that almost every accounting firm faces (regardless of the size of the firm). 



CGT & SME Web Series
Starts July 2018

A step by step guide to working through the small business CGT concessions.  


Across the series we cover a wide range of issues including the problem areas that often prevent clients from accessing the concessions and the solutions that might make the difference, maximising the tax effectiveness of the concessions, planning opportunities for clients who are thinking of selling business assets, and preparing clients for a CGT audit.



30 June Trust Distributions Webinar
22 May 2018

What absolutely needs to be done for trust clients before 30 June



Applying the Small Business
Restructure Relief Rollover Rules
25 May 2018

The essential guide to applying the rollover rules for small business clients


This session will cover the basic conditions that need to be met in order to qualify for tax relief as well as the ATO’s latest guidance on these conditions and the tax implications of applying the rollover.



Members only! Knowledge Shop PD - May/June 2018

Join us for this special member only event - everything you need to keep up to date and ahead of the game in 3 hours.


Be quick to register as PD books out early!


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SMSF 101 Workshop
Starts June 2018

SMSF 101 is a practical induction into the tax and accounting fundamentals essential to accurately manage the specific needs of SMSF clients.


Essential for graduates, intermediates, and all those new to SMSFs.



The End of the Road Web Series
21 & 28 June 2018

There are a range of reasons why a client might decide to wind up a company or trust.


This series looks at the key issues that accountants need to identify and manage when working through this process.



Not All Valuations Are The Same Web Series
Starts June 2018

Different valuations bring with them different requirements. The danger is that valuers approach all valuations the same way, using the same procedures, and do not moderate their approach for the type of valuation.


This webinar series is an essential walk through of 3 critical valuation scenarios and how not to get it wrong.


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Microbusiness Valuations Webinar Duo
Starts August 2018

This two part webinar series focuses solely on microbusinesses and what to do when they need a valuation.


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