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CGT & SME Web Series
Starts 17 July 2018

A step by step guide to working through the small business CGT concessions.  


Across the series we cover a wide range of issues including the problem areas that often prevent clients from accessing the concessions and the solutions that might make the difference, maximising the tax effectiveness of the concessions, planning opportunities for clients who are thinking of selling business assets, and preparing clients for a CGT audit.



Not All Valuations Are The Same Web Series
Next 20 July 2018 - Sale of business valuations

Different valuations bring with them different requirements. The danger is that valuers approach all valuations the same way and do not moderate their approach for the type of valuation.


This webinar series is an essential walk through of 3 critical valuation scenarios and how not to get it wrong.


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Dealing with Inherited Property Webinar
10 August 2018

Practitioners and clients are often familiar with the main residence exemption rules but many are unaware that different processes need to be followed when dealing with property inherited through a deceased estate.


The Dealing with Inherited Property Webinar shows you this process and how to minimise tax liabilities and maximise the concessions for clients who inherit property through a deceased estate.



GST on Sale of A Business or Commercial Property Webinar
24 August 2018

The sale of a business or commercial property can potentially lead to significant GST liabilities unless the process is managed carefully. While the GST system contains special provisions that can treat the sale of a business or commercial property as a GST-free transaction, there are a number of strict conditions that must be met.


This webinar takes you through how to manage the process properly.



Microbusiness Valuations Webinar Duo
29 Aug | 5 Sept 2018

This two part webinar series focuses solely on microbusinesses and what to do when they need a valuation.


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Knowledge Shop PD (member only)
August / November

Everything you need to keep up to date and ahead of the game in 3 hours. 


Free quarterly training for members only.



SMSF Audit & Compliance Workshop 2018
Starts October

The 2018 audit is the first year that auditors need to acknowledge and determine whether the significant superannuation reforms introduced on 1 July 2017 have been managed correctly by the fund – financially and administratively.


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Working, Investing & Doing Business
Overseas Workshop - Tax Essentials
Starts November 2018

A case-study driven training day designed to ensure that you and your team can identify and work through cross border issues regardless of your client’s needs or entity type.



Managing Foreign Clients & Australian Clients Overseas Web Series
Next web 19 July - Employment and investment

A four-part webinar series covering the fundamental and often complex issues involved in managing cross border issues for business clients and individuals.  These are the issues that almost every accounting firm faces (regardless of the size of the firm). 



ETPs & Redundancy Payments Webinar
3 August 2018

Identify, manage and maximise the tax treatment of employment termination payments.


A webinar covering the rules dealing with genuine redundancy payments and consider some of the situations where employees can and cannot receive redundancy payments in a tax effective manner.



Tax & Trusts Workshop 2018
Starts August 2018
Melbourne | Brisbane | Sydney

A case study driven, intensive workshop to ensure your clients achieve the best tax result from their trust structures.



Business Structures & Restructures Workshop
Perth, 31 August 2018

There is no 'one size fits all' approach and often the right structure involves compromise. But understanding what compromises to accept requires an understanding of the impact of each. We show you what makes the difference and why.



Unpaid Trust Distributions Webinar
7 September 2018

It is common in practice for trustees to appoint income to beneficiaries but leave some or all of these entitlements unpaid. While this delay in paying distributions is not necessarily a problem, there are a number of tax issues that need to be considered to ensure that adverse tax implications are not triggered.

This webinar guides practitioners through the different options available when dealing with unpaid trust distributions and how to best manage them.



Divorce, Relationship Breakdown &
Tax Webinar
20 September 2018

For many, the financial and tax impacts of divorce are not considered until well after the event. Providing some proactive advice to your clients in the early stages may help to avoid longer term problems and inefficient taxation outcomes.


This webinar will give you a solid understanding of the issues and how to resolve them in the most efficient way.

Property Subdivision Webinar
8 November 2018

As the urban sprawl continues in most major Australian cities practitioners are often asked to advise on the tax treatment of subdivision projects. Before clients jump in and commit to anything, it is important to understand the tax liabilities that might arise from these projects.


This webinar steps you through how to advise on the tax treatment of subdivision projects and ensure the risk to clients is minimised.



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