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Estate Planning: The Complete Service Delivery Guide
Workshop starts Feb 2019

Estate planning advice is a natural service extension for accountants looking to expand their client service offer. This workshop gives you the structure, program and content to deliver estate planning services to your clients.



FASEA Pre-Exam Support
Workshop and on-demand training to get you through

Existing advisers must pass the 3.5 hour FASEA exam to provide personal financial advice to retail clients.


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Tax Issues for Start-Ups and Fast Growth Businesses Webinar
Tuesday 26 February 2019

This webinar brings you up to speed with the array of recent tax initiatives available to fast growth and innovative start-up businesses.

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Auditing SMSFs with Property Webinar
Friday 1 March 2019
With property values moving south for the first time in a long time, there are new risks posed to auditors and accountants trying to get the accounts right.
Knowledge Shop PD
February / March 2019 Edition
(member only)
February / March 2019 PD

Everything you need to keep up to date and ahead of the game in 3 hours. 


Free quarterly training for members only.



SMSF Tax & Accounting Workshop
Starts March 2019

How to deal with the transfer balance cap and event based reporting, complete the 2018 SMSF return & financials accurately, practical examples that can be used in the real world.



Business Structures & Restructures
Workshop starts March 2019

The Business Structures & Restructures Workshop helps you identify key factors and risk areas when creating a structure, recognise when a structure is past its 'use by' date, and manage structural change.

Using real life case studies, the Business Structures & Restructures training day is designed to give you confidence when approaching business structures.

Tax & Motor Vehicles Webinar
Friday 10 May 2019

The ATO has recently confirmed that it will be increasing its focus on the deductions claimed by individual taxpayers.  This is likely to mean that claims for car and other motor vehicle expenses will come under closer scrutiny than they have in previous years. On top of this, the ATO has indicated that it will be also be looking closely at the FBT treatment of cars and other motor vehicles provided to employees as there are a number of issues that the ATO is concerned about.

Tax & Business Services Basic Workshop
Part 1 - Starts Feb 2019

Tax & Business Services Basic is an intensive workshop style induction into the real world for graduates or those wanting a practical refresher.


It's all the things we wish we knew when we first started out - trial balance, 'I' returns and BAS.




Family Trust Elections Webinar
Tuesday 19 February 2019
While the family trust election rules have been in place for a number of years now, many practitioners still find the rules confusing and are not always sure when elections should be used or the best way to use them.
SMSF 2019
Advanced Audit & Compliance Training
Starts Feb 2019

Advanced adviser & auditor training, auditors held liable for actions of trustees: How to protect yourself, essential annual update on the more complex SMSF issues

For all those serious about SMSFs.


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Main Residence Exemption Webinar
Thursday 14 March 2019

Using real life scenarios, we explore the myths surrounding the exemption and the many concessions and opportunities contained within the provisions that you need to be aware of to minimise tax liabilities for your clients.


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Double Tax Agreements Webinar
Friday 22 March 2019
 International tax issues can be incredibly complex as you often need to consider Australian tax rules as well as the application of one or more foreign tax systems. In many cases it will also be necessary to work through the provisions of a double tax agreement (DTA) that Australia has with a foreign country. As DTAs generally override Australian tax rules, it is vital to ensure that you and your team are confident when it comes to working through DTAs.
Tax Consolidation Essentials Webinar
Thursday 28 March 2019

This webinar demystifies the tax consolidation regime and give you more confidence in identifying clients who benefit from the system as well as helping clients already using the system to navigate their way through the provisions.

Who is a Temporary Resident Webinar
Thursday 18 April 2019

This webinar steps through the process to correctly classify clients as temporary residents. Then, we work through the tax implications to identify what is available.

Tax & Business Services Intermediate Workshop
Part 2 - Starts June 2019

Tax & Business Services Intermediate dives deeper into Div 7A and the sweeping reforms, trusts, PSI and CGT, identifying issues and potential problems.


Best for those moving beyond the basics and building the complexity of the work they tackle, and those needing a refresher on current law.  Essential for those who attended the Tax & Business Services Basic Workshop.



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