Graduate IQ Training

Knowledge Shop IQ

The graduate IQ program is for those on the learning curve looking to boost their knowledge and skill set without the trial and error. And, for those looking for a practical refresher of the fundamentals.

Knowledge Shop IQ is structured, practice based, on-demand video based training designed to build the knowledge of accountants in public practice.

What’s included in the graduate program?

  • 10 modules targeted specifically at Graduate level
  • Each module an hour plus of interactive video-based learning
  • Embedded quiz questions test and refine your knowledge
  • Reference notes
  • 3 month access (from first access of each module, indefinite if not accessed).
  • Manager view of team progress
  • 16 CPD hours in total across 10 modules

What we cover

The graduate IQ program is all the things we wish we knew when we were starting out. With practical examples and embedded Q&As, we explore:

Working with investment income

Where to start on the I return - The essential information to help correctly manage investment income when preparing a client’s income tax return.

1.25 CPD hours including Q&As

Work related expenses

Work related expenses are under ATO scrutiny. It's essential that every accountant understands how to correctly manages deductions for expenses. This IQ course , amongst other areas, explores general concepts, car, travel, clothing and laundry, self education, and work from home expenses.

2.25 CPD hours including Q&As

Rental property on the tax return

What do your rental property clients need to do to declare their income from rent? We look at what the tax return requires, how income is managed, what your clients can and cannot claim as a deduction, and some of the issues that typically arise in practice and how to deal with them.

1.75 CPD hours including Q&As

Interest expenses

The deductibility (or otherwise) of interest expenses when a client borrows money. We'll look at general concepts, offsets v redraws, jointly owned rental properties, ​interest expenses incurred before / after income is generated, on-lending, and mixed purpose loans.

1.5 CPD hours including Q&As

Residency of individuals

The fundamentals of working with the residency rules. The tests, temporary residency, working holiday makers, and the implications of double tax agreements, dual residents and withholding tax.

1.75 CPD hours including Q&As

Scrutinising the Trial Balance

How do we give all of those numbers from clients some sort of meaning? And, how do we make the review work easier for managers.

Releasing early August

Managing depreciation

The depreciation rules are essential to understand to achieve the best possible result for the client. But they can be confusing. This essential IQ course walks through the rules and how they apply to business and non-business taxpayers, and some of the issues that arise in practice.

2.25 CPD hours including Q&As

Company Basics
(+ Loss Carry Back)

An essential graduate module that walks through the fundamentals of how companies work and how to work with company clients.

1.5 CPD hours including Q&As

Trust fundamentals

Working with trusts can be confusing and complex. This graduate focussed IQ module explores fundamental concepts and the practical issues you will come across - who pays the tax on trust income, net income v distributable income, franked income earned through trusts, introduction to family trust elections.

1.25 CPD hours including Q&As

GST essentials

The foundation course explores the rules that determine registration, the types of supplies, creditable acquisitions, tax invoices, the fundamentals of accounting for GST and GST reporting.

1.25 CPD hours including Q&As

Interactive training with embedded Q&As
Manager view of progress
Practical, targeted training
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