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We make the lives of professional advisers simpler, more efficient and well, let’s face it - less of a hassle through our membership service to accountants and advisers, suite of  training services, and knowledge.

We deliver what the profession needs, when they need it, in the way they need it.

Who we are

Knowledge Shop® has been helping accountants and advisers do what they need to do (and a bit more) since 2001. A subsidiary of ASX listed Count Ltd (ASX CUP), Knowledge Shop® was born out of the frustration experienced by a profession trying to keep on top of an increasingly complex technical and regulatory environment. We help fill in those gaps.

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Our story

In 2001, the Goods & Services Tax had not long come into force. The radical tax change and the pressure to support clients weighed heavily on the accounting profession. They needed more than a training day and tomes of information to wade through. They needed support, someone to bounce questions off, a way to implement change easily and effectively, and the tools to communicate with clients effectively.

From this, Knowledge Shop’s precursor, The Hayes Knight Professional Network was born. The concept of founder and front-man Greg Hayes and brought to life by Lisa Armstrong, the service expanded quickly across Australia.

In 2002, we rebranded to Knowledge Shop to better reflect how we work with professionals. Since then, Knowledge Shop has grown from strength to strength, integrating technology to streamline service delivery and access but without losing our connection to the highly skilled technical team that are the backbone of the service, and the accountants and advisers they work with. We introduced new ways for professionals to learn and grow and in 2023, we expanded the service to provide the same high quality support to financial advisers.

In 2015, Knowledge Shop became part of ASX listed Diverger Ltd (then Easton Investments), and in 2024 expanded our opportunities further when Count Ltd (ASX CUP) acquired Diverger.

Knowledge Shop is now part of Count Ltd's hugely useful service companies including:

  • TaxBanter - Australia's leading tax training company
  • Accurium - Award winning actuarial certificates and knowledge
  • Priority Networking - more than just IT support, they help business operate and grow more efficiently


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