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We are the advisers' adviser

Knowledge Shop® makes the lives of professional accountants and advisers simpler, more efficient and well, let’s face it - less of a hassle with membership, training and knowledge. Let us show you how.

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Accountant & Adviser Training

Training how you need it. 

On-demand, Face-to-face workshops, Webinars, and In-house.

Tax & Employment Web Series 2022

Tax & Employment Web Series 2022

The Tax & Employment Web Series explores the gamut of issues faced by employers from the classification of allowances to payroll tax to director responsibilities. It’s a comprehensive overview of the obligations, problem areas and opportunities within the tax system. 

  • The issues and risks for employers
  • How to help employers get it right
  • Retain deductions and prevent penalties from arising

9, 14 & 16 Feb 2022

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Tax & Business Services Basics Workshop 2022

Tax & Business Services Basics Workshop 2022

We're back and live in 2022!
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Sydney 23 February 2022
Melbourne 25 February 2022
Brisbane, 4 March 2022

Tax & Business Services Basics tests your team’s knowledge in a workshop style training environment. This is active learning where participants complete a tax return and BAS while working through real client issues.

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Estate Planning Intensive Web Series

Estate Planning Intensive Web Series

There are key areas in an estate plan that should never be overlooked. Understanding these issues allows you to provide a more complete estate planning service for your clients.

The Estate Planning Intensive Web Series delivers the insights advisers need to deliver estate planning services to clients. It drills into the details, complexities, and opportunities of the essential components of an estate pan and the interaction between accountants, advisers and the lawyers.

4, 11, 18, 25 Feb & 2 & 11 March 2022

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Download who advisers fail

Advisers are failing the FASEA exam for a few simple reasons

And, for those that have failed once, 43% fail the exam the second time.

Download the guide!

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Accountants Knowledge

November 2021 in review - when are you carrying on a rental property business

Small business CGT concessions, and their use by large private and wealthy groups, are under scrutiny.

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November 2021 Tax Round Up