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The Stimulus Package in Practice Web Series 1 & 8 April


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Online FASEA Exam Prep Training

Online FASEA Exam Prep training

Planning to do the FASEA exam? Short cut your study and focus on what's important.

Online, interactive video-based training. All the exam prescribed subjects, explained through case studies and examples, and supported by detailed notes, interactive Q&As. Online.

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Part IVA Essentials Webinar

Part IVA Essentials Webinar

How Part IVA works in practice. Identify high risk and low risk arrangements. The latest from the ATO and the courts on Part IVA. Thursday, 7 May 2020.

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Timage DPR

Director Penalties: The 1 April changes to penalty exposure

How to derisk your clients and yourself

Know when directors are personally liable. What to do if you receive a director penalty notice. What accountants need to do to mitigate risk. Tuesday 21 April 2020

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Whitepaper The FASEA Exam: What we know so far

White Paper

Download The FASEA Exam: What we know so far

The FASEA exam explained - what you need to do, what you need to know, and approaches to take.

If you need to sit the FASEA exam or are contemplating sitting the exam, this guide will help you understand the requirements, outline what you can expect, and focus your study on what’s important.

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Accountants Knowledge

March 2020 Tax Round Up - applying the SG Amnesty

The long awaited superannuation guarantee amnesty passed Parliament late last month.

Employers who have fallen behind with their SG payments now have 6 months to ‘self-correct’ under the amnesty. But, with the amnesty comes additional penalties if employers fail to take advantage of this one-off opportunity.

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March 2020 Tax Round Up