Practical TBC & TSB Problem Areas Webinar

Do you really understand how the transfer balance cap and total super balance limits apply in different client scenarios?

When is the TBC and TSB relevant?
Impact when a pension stops, starts and changing providers
Managing the death of a spouse
When and what to plan for

A Live Instructor Led Webinar

The Transfer Balance cap impacts on pensions; the Total Super Balance impacts contributions. With both of these, different actions and events create uncertainty and confusion.

The Practical TBC & TSB Problem Areas webinar articulates how the TBC and TSB apply in practice, then delves into the details of the impact of changing client needs, scenarios and opportunities.

The Knowledge Shop help desk takes a myriad of calls from advisers wanting to clarify what happens when a client dies, transfers their pension, or is pursuing a strategy to maximise their contributions. We explain the issues, impact and the unintended consequences that can arise.

While the TBC and TSB apply limits to certain things, there are still superannuation and pension opportunities for many high-net-worth clients. We’ll also highlight where these opportunities arise.

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Total 1.25 CPD Hours (est.)


Recorded: 18 May 2022

FPA accreditation pending

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What we cover

The Practical TBC & TSB Problem Areas webinar covers the impact of different strategies on your clients TBC and TSB to ensure your clients are not breaching superannuation or pension limits.

Broadly the webinar will cover:

What's included?

  • 1 x 1.25 hour (est.) webinar
  • 3 month access to Q&A embedded webinar recording
  • Reference notes
  • The fundamentals of how the TBC and TSB work in practice
    • What happens when your client’s balance is above the caps
  • TBC issues on the death of a spouse
    • Timeframes and actions
  • Refreshing and transferring pensions
  • Structuring pension payments to improve TBC outcomes
  • TSB planning for future tax effective contribution strategies
  • Opportunities for high-net worth clients
  • Where do I go to confirm details?

Our presenter

Technical Superannuation Adviser

Jason Hurst

Jason Hurst RJason is an experienced commentator, presenter and writer on superannuation and retirement. He specialises in breaking down complex technical concepts for professional advisors and their clients.

He has over 20 years’ experience in the wealth and retirement sectors, working with accountants and advisers to build their technical skills in superannuation, retirement, Insurance, social security and age care, and enjoys helping to provide the tools to articulate these concepts in a simple and easy to follow way to clients.

Jason also works with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) as a subject matter expert for the CFP 5 program and a technical student mentor to those undertaking the CFP courses.

He has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Newcastle and holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.