Aug 2014 Tax Round Up - Trust Arrangements!

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06/08/14 09:00

Why property developers working through trusts are under ATO scrutiny, the problem with trust reimbursement arrangements, why a director of a liquidated company copped a $45,000 penalty for recklessness over a PAYG credit claim, and the confusion over reasonable travel and overtime meal allowances – what they really mean.

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In Knowledge Shop’s online tax round up this month, join Michael Carruthers (Director, Hayes Knight), Rae Ni Corraidh (Tax Adviser, Knowledge Shop), and Lisa Armstrong (MD, Knowledge Shop) for:

  • Trust reimbursement arrangements - trusts distributing income to a beneficiary but providing the funds to someone else – and what the ATO’s position really means.
  • The ‘shot across the bow’ of property developers utilising a trust structure.  We look at Taxpayer Alert 2014/1: Trusts mischaracterising property development receipts as capital gains.
  • The confusion over reasonable travel and overtime meal allowances – TD 2014/9
  • The “reckless” director and the PAYG credit claim - Cameron and Commissioner of Taxation [2014] AATA 499

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