Ovation Award Winner 2021

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09/12/21 12:58

Over the last few years, the accounting and advice profession has been extraordinary. Many have managed the competing demands of clients, family commitments and working from home, all while keeping their practices together and working as a team to get through the workload.

The 2021 Knowledge Shop Ovation Award recognises a team member who has done the extraordinary throughout the year. It's a way to recognise the efforts of those who have gone above and beyond. This Award is not just about the best technically, or the highest income earner or fee producer, but about an extraordinary person. 

Every nominee was worthy.  The consistent theme running through almost all nominations was the ability to go above and beyond, dedication, a great attitude, and the person that others rely on.

We commend our nominees and congratulate the finalists and our winner. You are all extraordinary.

Winner 2021 Ovation Award

Bree Robinson, PTP Shepparton
Bree is a working Mum, who worked through COVID 19 and has a child with fragile X syndrome. Fragile X is an inherited genetic condition that causes intellectual disability, and behavioural and learning challenges, and there is no known cure. To raise awareness and funding for Fragile X, Bree decided she would run a marathon (42kms). Initially thwarted by COVID 19, she trained and finally completed the run 9 months after the expected first run date. She and her sister anticipated raising $1,500 and ended up raising $16k.

Her team members think she is a star and the judges agreed.

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Unni Ashok, Success Tax Professionals
Unni has initiated a free meal service for the needy in Brisbane. Each week in collaboration with a charity (Heart of Love Foundation), he works with volunteers to cook fresh meals for the vulnerable - mostly elderly people who struggle to cook for themselves. He does this in his own time, managing volunteer rosters, funds, logistics, and feedback from beneficiaries. 

There is also a hamper service, picking up leftover supplies from supermarkets and delivering to the needy.

Heart of Love

Johann Fernandez, Propeller Advisory
Johann has taken his role seriously from the beginning of his journey with Propeller but what makes him extraordinary is his dedication and skill in client work, team management as well as his passion for making the lives of others easier. This dedication and confidence enabled his director to take five months off work to have a baby and enjoy being a Mum with confidence.

Elle Shaddick, Elevate Tax & Accounting
When Shannon Tarbotton - a Mum with two energetic boys under 4 and working full time in the middle of a pandemic - made the decision to go into practice for herself on 1 July, Elle was her biggest supporter. She encouraged her to take the first step then worked tirelessly to help make it happen, treating the business like her own. The clients love her down to earth and simple approach to explaining things and generates wonderful reviews.

Martina Wutzke, Strategic Wealth Management Pty Ltd
Martina’s team nominated her because she rarely gets recognition as she work behind the scenes. She reviews most of the work that goes out of the office and the quick move to remote reviewing was challenging, yet she didn’t complain and continued to do her job to a high standard, putting in the extra hours to make it work. Living alone during lockdown and supporting her unwell mother, Martina 100% cares about the firm and her teammates. They are also in awe of the fact she also finds the time to bake regularly for the team now they are back together in the office.

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