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What's your Christmas wish?

Lisa Armstrong | 15/12/17 09:56

From all of the Knowledge Shop team, we hope your Christmas wishes come true! To grant the incredible healing power of a wish this festive season to a kid facing a life threatening illness, please donate to Make A Wish Australia. We've raised over $1,000 so far, let's keep it coming!

And the winner is...2016 Australian Accounting Awards

Lisa Armstrong | 17/10/16 12:51

He won! Michael Carruthers was awarded Thought Leader of the Year at the AccountantsDaily 2016 Australian Accounting Awards. There is often very little recognition for people who truly make a contribution - particularly those who simply do what they see needs to be done without a cost benefit analysis of the rewards first. These accounting awards provide that forum and I encourage every firm to look closely at who among their team deserves recognition. The bonus is that many of these awards are for every type of firm, not just those that already get plenty of kudos.
Practice Management

Are you paying too much? 2016 public practice salaries

Lisa Armstrong | 03/06/16 12:12

Too much, too little of just right? The 2016 Public Practice Salary & Charge Rate survey reveals a lift in salaries across the board.  But, firms are scrutinising what that money buys them. What firms are saying The accounting profession is split. Either firms are pushing hard on growth - fee growth, growing staff numbers, and to some extent, increasing what they are willing to pay to acquire staff - while many others are not moving at all. There is very little in between.
Practice Management, Salary Survey

Budget 2016-17: Target Practice

Lisa Armstrong | 04/05/16 14:50

The 2016-17 Federal Budget is a pre election Budget. There are broad targets focussed on increasing productivity and innovation and narrow revenue targets tightening access to tax concessions, particularly in superannuation.

Not just a pretty face*

Lisa Armstrong | 08/03/16 14:59

Sometimes it is important to look back to understand the way forward. It’s a way of determining whether or not we have moved beyond stereotyping more than 50% of the population for their gender rather than the contribution they make.


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